CYO Coaches Certification - Mandatory


Again this year, only NEW COACHES are required to attend a workshop for certification.  RETURNING COACHES (those certified for CYO during the 2022-2023 seasons only) are NOT required to attend a workshop but ARE required to be certified by registering online.  All CYO coaches must be in compliance with diocesan Safe Environment requirements: current Virtus training and Live Scan fingerprint clearance.
  • Attend CYO New Coaches Workshop. The workshops listed on the attached flyer are the only workshops for CYO certification.
  • Complete Virtus Training by logging on the Virtus Website:  Training must have been completed after September 1, 2020.
  • Be Live Scan fingerprinted and cleared for the Diocese of Oakland.  There will be fingerprint opportunities at each of the New Coaches Workshops
  • Volleyball coaches are encouraged to attend the Volleyball Workshop, but may attend any of the listed CYO basktetball certification. Cheerleader moderators/coaches must attend a Workshop.
  • Coaches do not register in advance of attending a workshop. Registration is on-site.
  • Have been certified to coach CYO in the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Complete the Online Registration Form for Returning Coaches (only)
  • Basketball Coaches Returning Coaches Registration Form:
  • Volleyball Coaches Returning Coaches Registration Form:
  • Be in Compliance with diocesan Safe Environment requirements: Virtus Training completed after September 1, 2020 and Live Scan clearance for the Diocese of Oakland.
  • Once registration and Safe Environment Compliance is completed and checked by CYO, a certification card will be mailed to the returning coach. it may take two weeks for cards to be processed and mailed. Certification is not complete until these requirements are met.
2023-24 Coaches Certification Workshops (CLICK HERE for dates)
or visit website -

Tips to help plan for the training:

1. Virtus Online Training (<1 hour)
2. Fingerprinting (Live Scan) - typically conducted at St. Isidore (<30 minutes)
3. Coaches Workshop (one evening for 2-3 hours)
Certification cards are presented to coaches who complete program requirements at the end of the workshop. All coaches should carry their certification cards with them to all the games and be prepared to present them when requested. Failure to present a card within 48 hours will result in a forfeit for the team. Any person on the bench must have a valid certification card.