(updated 4/20/2022)

TRI-VALLEY RULES: All basketball games hosted by the Tri-Valley CYO League shall follow the Oakland Diocese CYO Basketball Rules except as specifically modified herein.


COACH CERTIFICATION CARDS: Coach certification cards issued by the league shall be checked by the referees before the start of each game. No coach or non-player shall be allowed on the bench without a current card. If no coach can present a valid card by game time, the game will be forfeited.


GAME TIMES: All games shall consist of four stop clock quarters, six minutes each for grades 3 through 6, and seven minutes each for grades 7 and 8.


THREE POINT SHOT: Three point shots shall be counted as such only in the 7th and 8th grades.


FREE THROWS: Only third graders are permitted to cross the free throw line before the ball touches the rim.


HARRASSMENT DURING FREE THROWS: Players will be given substitute free throws for unsuccessful attempts whenever there is bench or crowd noise during an attempt. If interruptions continue, the coach of the offending team will be warned once them given a technical foul for subsequent violations.


TECHNICAL FOULS: The second technical foul in a game disqualifies a coach or player. Bench technical fouls shall be assessed against the head coach. Technical fouls shall count as both personal and team fouls.


THIRD GRADE: The third grade is an instructional league. Therefore, standings will not be kept and there will be no playoffs.


AMERICAN AND NATIONAL TEAMS: League play shall be conducted in separate American (upper) and National (lower) divisions. Each parish program is entitled to determine how many American and National teams it shall enter for each grade/sex. However, if a parish program enters three or more teams per grade/sex, at least one of the teams must be an American team.


PLAYOFFS: All American league teams are eligible for playoffs. If there is only one division per National grade/sex, the top six teams shall be eligible for playoffs. If there are multiple divisions per National grade/sex, the top three teams  (girls) and top two teams (boys) from each division shall be eligible for playoffs.


TIE-BREAKERS: The tie-breakers for determining final standings for league play and playoff seeding shall be, in order, (a) head to head results (b) net point differential in head to head games among the tied teams only (no more than ten points per game for grades 4-6, and fifteen points per game for grades 7-8), and (c) coin toss.


FORFEITS: All forfeited games shall be recorded in the standings as a ten point win (grades 4-6) or 15 point win (grades 7-8) against the forfeiting team. No league or playoff games shall be rescheduled due to actual or potential forfeits, or for any other reason other than a league scheduling error or because the assigned gym becomes unavailable.


FOOD AND DRINK IN GYMS: No food or drink (other than water) are permitted in league gyms. Coaches are expected to enforce this rule with their teams so that we do not lose use of our facilities. Team snacks/drinks must be distributed and consumed outside the gyms.


ALL PLAY RULE: Each player shall play at least two full playing periods in the first half of each game. The only exceptions being (a) if a team has more than ten players, any uncompleted playing periods shall be completed at the start of the second half, or (b) if a player is unable to complete his or her playing time due to illness, injury or disqualification. Scorers shall keep track of completed playing periods and report any discrepancy to the head official.